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Centric Software brings you Centric SMB: A cloud-based, SaaS solution for end-to-end product lifecycle management.
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Available on a subscription basis (SaaS), Centric Small Business is designed to speed product development, improve costs and increase market responsiveness. With access to the same proven technologies and industry know-how as bigger players, small businesses can set the foundation for future growth.


Centric Small Business is inspired by experience of over one hundred PLM implementation projects with industry-leading fashion, retail, footwear, luxury and consumer goods companies. Intuitive technologies and proven best practices are combined to help small businesses compete on product and process.

Who uses Centric SMB?


With a strong emphasis on mobility, Centric Small Business covers all aspects of extended PLM including product design and development – from merchandising and product presentation to controlling costs, quality and compliance. The result is faster product development, improved costs and increased market responsiveness.

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Because Centric Small Business lives on the cloud, projects are always the right size and scalable over the long term. It can be configured remotely, hosted securely off-site, and with a new ultra-fast implementation, rolled out in as few as ten working days.  With no hardware to purchase and install, upfront costs are reduced. Centric Small Business is designed to grow with companies, whether they make performance wear, footwear, leather goods, tailored apparel, denim, intimates or other fashion goods.

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Small businesses live and breathe their products, leaving little time for process. Like their larger counterparts, small businesses must carefully manage every aspect of their product design and development process, from merchandising and product presentation to controlling supplier costs, quality and compliance. Stop using unsuited, off-the-shelf, cross-industry tools that make more work than they resolve. Centric Small Business provides a structure for collaboration and includes all the right tools to accelerate the development process without high barriers to implementation.

PLM drives bottom line savings and top line growth

Inject knowledge and a flexible structure to product development for increased efficiency .

Reduced errors, mistakes and duplicated effort

Shorter gap between product inspiration and the store shelf

Greater visibility for improved decision making that generates savings on material, sample and shipping costs and more.

One single version of the truth – everyone has access to the same real-time product information from anywhere, anytime


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